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Title [sv]
Molekylära mekanismer bakom nya metoder för effektiv biokonvertering av lignocellulosa
Title [en]
Molecular mechanisms of new methods for efficient bioconversion of lignocellulose
Abstract [sv]
Enzymic and microbial biocatalysts can be used to convert lignocellulose to sugars and fermentation products, such as liquid biofuels and other commodities. Due to its recalcitrance, lignocellulose is pretreated with harsh methods and the resulting hydrolysates contain substances that inhibit both enzymes and microbes. We have recently made several discoveries that make bioconversion of lignocellulose more efficient: (i) improving enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose by conditioning of the inhibitory pretreatment liquid with reducing agents, (ii) improving the fermentability of inhibitory hydrolysates by chemical detoxification in situ in the bioreactor, and (iii) improving the microbial biocatalyst by identification and overexpression of proteins conferring resistance to inhibitors. Fundamental knowledge about the detailed molecular mechanisms behind these phenomena is, however, still largely lacking. The research envisaged in this proposal addresses this lack of knowledge. The effects of chemical conditioning and in-situ detoxification will be explored using advanced analytical techniques, including mass spectrometry and NMR, as well as model experiments with biocatalysts and inhibitors. The roles of transcription factors and multidrug-resistance proteins in hyperresistance will be investigated using biochemical methods and proteomics. Progress in this area leads to more efficient bioconversion of lignocellulose, which is relevant for energy security and for the environment.
Principal InvestigatorJönsson, Leif
Coordinating organisation
Umeå University
2012-01-01 - 2014-12-31
National Category
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyBioenergyBiocatalysis and Enzyme Technology
DiVA, id: project:1120Project, id: 2011-04388_VR